Halo Natural Health is a charming sanctuary providing an integrative natural healing centre

A Natural Wellness Clinic and Crystal Sanctuary to support your Mind, Body and Spirit

44 Long Drive, St Heliers, Auckand
Phone: 09 575 3214

Top Quality Crystals and Crystal Jewellery and ...…

Practitioner Herbs and Supplements

Our dispensary stocks a wide range of herbal medicines, including practitioner-only and quality over-the-counter supplements. Find everything you need for natural healthy living in Our Dispensary at Halo.

The practitioner-only products include top brands such as:

  • FIT Bioceuticals
  • Dr. Wilsons
  • Eagle

  • Homeobotanicals
  • Mediherb
  • Metagenics

  • Douglas Lab
  • Orthoplex
  • Phytomed

Complementary to our natural medicines, our shop also features an assortment of quality and natural beauty products and natural skin care for children and adults. These include:

  • Snowberry
  • Eco Tan
  • Dr Organics
  • Inika Make-up
  • Savar Hair Care
  • Kester Black Nail Polish

Snowberry Natural Skin Care
Savar natural Shampoo and Conditioner
Inika Natural, Vegan, Cruelty Free Make Up
Kester Black Natural Nail Polish
Kester Black Natural Nail Polish
Kester Black Natural Nail Polish

For the perfect gift

Browse our selection of beautiful New Zealand-made Candles, Parfumes - Waiheke Dreams & Rakino Weekend, Diffusers, Gem Stones and Crystal Jewellery.  All of our natural products have been carefully selected from local and international sources to meet the highest standard for you to choose from.

Step by step journaling
  • Crystals Jewellery
  • Crystal Clusters
  • Crystal Tumbled stones
  • Crystal Drink Bottles
  • Crystal pendulums
  • Juliana Parfums
  • Angelyte Candles
  • Living Light Candles
  • Oracle & Tarot Cards
Crystal Jewellery
Labardorite and Rose Quartz
Juliana Parfums, all natural ingrdients
Inika, Organic natural make up
Crystal Drink Bottles with either rose quartz or amethyst
 bismuth crystal
Crystal Stone Pieces Display
Rose Quartz jewellery
Shop showing crystals
Crystal Stone Pieces Display
Tarot and Oracle Cards
Halo shop products
Salt lamps, rough and pyramids